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Miscellaneous Food Prep Equipment                                                            

   Cheese Blocker (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: Cheese Blocker, accommodates blocks up to 40 lbs. and wheels up to 35 lbs.
Base SKU: 1837
Price: $218.00 
   Easy Flowering Onion™ Cutter (Nemco)
Description: "NEMCO N55700 Easy Flowering Onion� Cutter, sturdy, all- metal construction, adapter base for smaller onions"
Base SKU: N55700
Regular Price: $532.00
 : $290.00 
   Easy FryKutter™ (Nemco)
Description: Easy FryKutter™, chops many vegetables, 1/4" cut, wall or countertop mount, exclusive short throw handle, superior engineering to improve leverage for smooth, easy cutting in one stroke
Base SKU: N55450-1
Regular Price: $326.00
 : $172.00 
   Lettuce Cutter (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: Lettuce King I® Lettuce Cutter, 3/8", 3/4", 3/16", 1/4", (Specify size when ordering)
Base SKU: 403N
Price: $360.00 
   Lincoln Cheese Cuber (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: Cube King III Cheese Cuber, for 3/4" or 3/8" cube or slice
Base SKU: 1813
Price: $233.00 
   Lincoln Grill Scraper (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: Grill Tender® Scraper, w/splashguard and extra long handle
Base SKU: 1101
Price: $44.00 
   Lincoln Hand Mixers (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: InstaBlend® Liquefier/Mixer, 15-1/2" shaft, hand-held, 350w (replaces 15902)
Base SKU: 16902
Price: $785.00 
   Lincoln Instablender (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: InstaBlend® Liquefier, 10-1/2" shaft, hand-held, 250w (replaces 15904)
Base SKU: 16904
Price: $485.00 
   Lincoln Istaslice (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: nstaSlice™ 1/4", (10) straight blades
Base SKU: 15203
Price: $304.00 
   Lobster King lobster Cracker (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: Lobster King™ Lobster Cracker, for lobster tails and crab legs
Base SKU: 1851
Price: $211.00 
   Onion Slicer / Bloomer (Lincoln Foodservice)
Description: InstaBloom™ Onion Bloomer, 24 section, adaptor kit included
Base SKU: 15600
Price: $364.00 
   Spiral Fry™ Potato Cutter (Nemco)
Description: Spiral Fry™ Potato Cutter, heavy duty construction, mounts securely on any flat surface for left or right handed operation, preset drive depth protects blades from contact with metal parts, easily releases and retracts for fast reloading, NSF
Base SKU: N55050AN
Regular Price: $313.00
 : $170.00 
   Univex 1405 Patty Press (Univex)
Description: PattyPress™ Burger Mold, manual, 5", anodized aluminum body, s/s meat press bowl & ejector, includes supply of 1,000 divider sheets
Base SKU: 1405
Price: $385.56