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Building Your Ideal Kitchen Vision

Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Design Firm based in New Orleans, Louisana.
Work with Trusted Experts
Flawless Design is Guaranteed
Seamless Installation Minimizing Disruptions

Why The Kitchen Guys?

We are genuinely passionate about clients with a vision to build an experience or execute their concept. Our team of experts is made up of food service professionals who have experience not only working on restaurants but in them. The goal is to provide our clients with reliable value through completion. This means we’ll revise your design until it’s ideal for you. We internally review each project line by line to ensure accuracy and functionality. Lastly, our team communicates with you during the final stages until you are satisfied with the finished product.

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We Believe You Deserve Perfection

We stand behind this by providing unlimited design revisions until we receive our client's stamp of approval on the project design.


How We Can Help Your Business


Consulting & Design



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3 Simple Steps to Your Ideal Kitchen Design

We understand that running a kitchen is non-stop, so we keep the process as simple as possible.

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Schedule a Preliminary Design Consultation

By scheduling a preliminary design, clients will be able to get a free consultation for their new project.

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30-Minute Design Meeting

This meeting will be with one of our trusted experts who will better understand your needs and timeline. 

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Design and Procurement Partner

Our experts can provide a recommendation for equipment selections or determine if all you need is procurement partner.

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Get in Touch

Not quite ready for a call but still have some questions. Feel free to reach out using the form below.

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